Letter Writing

All job applications that are sent by post should include a letter that states your interest in a particular position. You should write a professional letter that gives a clear overall impression of you and your qualities. You can use a letter to draw an employer’s attention to the important parts of your attached CV or application form.

The employer will be influenced by the general appearance of the letter. You can create the right impression by ensuring that the content is clear, with good sentence construction, correct spelling, and appropriate punctuation.

Remember, your letter must stand out from the crowd, particularly if there is likely to be a lot of interest in a specific job or opportunity.


  • Write a rough draft first and ask someone to check it
  • Check spellings and punctuation
  • Use one sheet of plain white paper (A4 size)
  • Ideally you should write your letter on a computer and print it out, if an employer specifically asks for a hand writing letter you should use black ink and write clearly
  • Put your address, including your postcode, at the top-right
  • Write the date on the left hand side
  • Write the name and address of the employer on the left hand side underneath the date
  • Wherever possible, address your letter to a specific person rather than ‘To whom it may concern’ or ‘The Manager’
  • Include a reference number and/or details when they are given on a job vacancy advert
  • Write clearly in paragraphs
  • Check that the essential facts are clearly and briefly presented
  • Finish with ‘Yours sincerely’ or ‘Kind regards’ if you are writing to a named person
  • Sign it and make sure your name is printed under the signature
  • Keep a copy
  • Remember to enclose the CV or application form
  • Write or type out the envelope neatly and send by first class postage 


  • Use coloured inks or pens
  • Use abbreviations or slang
  • Be long-winded or too brief
  • Forget to check it thoroughly before posting

Remember – Be positive and sell yourself 

Example Letters

These letters are for guidance only, to demonstrate a clear and basic layout.



If you need any further help or advice, please contact the Careers and Employability Team