Labour Market Information (LMI)

 What is Labour Market Information?

Labour market information is information relating to the world of work, employment trends, job roles and job availability.

 Why is it important?             

When choosing a course, job role or sector to work in, it is important to know about your local labour market.  Will there be jobs available in your area of interest?

 Where can you find LMI?

 There are a number of useful online sources of LMI that you can access; a good example is listed below:
Nomis are the official providers of national statistics. Search Nomis to find the statistics for your local area:

Search Nomis

Also checkout job vacancy websites and the local jobcentre and newspapers:  What types of job roles are most commonly advertised?  Look on the local Council and Chamber of Commerce websites for news and events. Search for professional bodies/institutes linked to your career interest area as they often list vacancies and have great links to other useful information, such as entry requirements and courses.


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